Mountain Meadows Public Safety Ministries

 Dedicated to the memory of :

Trooper Ronald J. Donahue  N.Y. State Police


 A ministry dedicated to serving those that serve the public !



  Welcome to Mountain Meadows Public Safety Ministry located in Mineville, N.Y. in the Adirondack Mountains of northern N.Y..  We are a Public Safety Chaplaincy providing Chaplaincy services upon request to Public Safety Departments located in Northern N.Y., and the state of Vermont.  While on scene we provide pastoral care and crisis intervention in conjunction with our local Fire and Ems responders.


                      Serving The Responder

   We provide pastoral care for Public Safety Personnel and their families by:


       *  Visiting Public Safety Officers on duty

       *  Responding to critical incidents(Chaplains)

       *  Assisting on scene(Ministry Assistance)

       *  Participating in special events,upon request

       *  Participating in departmental and public ceremonies

as requested.

       *  Line of duty counseling(Biblical)

       *  Personal counseling(Biblical)

       *  Hospital visitation

       *  Individual and group crisis intervention

       *  Timely notifications, upon request

       *  Bible studies Firefighters for Christ

       *  Times of fellowship.

    Serving The Public

We provide on the scene pastoral care and crisis intervention in cooperation with Fire and Ems by as requested:

       *  Identifying and meeting emotional and piritual needs

on the scene to include all parties involved.

       *  Offering the Ministry of presence quietly making our

services available to all at a time of crisis.

       *  Serving as a liaison between responders and others.

       *  Making referrals for follow up services.

       *  Offering other needed assistance.


  We are an outreach of Mountain Meadows Christian Center of Mineville, N.Y. and are dedicated bringing GODS word to our  Fire and Ems personnel.        


     Mountain Meadows Participates in the Adopt-A-Cop prayer protection program and is the coordinating agency for Essex,Clinton,Franklin and Warren counties of New York as well as Addison and Chittenden counties of Vermont.  A county by county prayer protection program for all law enforcement officers in the United States.   The goal of Adopt-A-Cop program is to assign law enforcement officers to a christian family,group or individual who will pray daily for them and send notes of encouragement and support thanking them for their service to the community.  Imagine the difference this makes in the lives of those who put their lives on the line every day.  While a bulletproof vest gives a level of protection for law enforcement officers,an even greater blessing and shield of protection can be found in the power of a faithful,praying believer or group of prayer warriors.  Call or email us to add your name to our Adopt-A-Cop prayer roster and let the power of prayer begin.



     The PeaceKeepers small group mission is dedicated to uniting law enforcement officers around the world to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ through helping them understand God.s purpose for their lives.

It is believed that due to the unique profession, Christian law enforcement officers, have an unprecedented opportunity to make a difference for Jesus Christ through their roles as law enforcement officers and through their contacts with both the public and with their fellow law enforcement officers. One common goal is to develop more .Cops for Christ. through a network of small group fellowship and Bible study materials specifically tailored for them.

     The PeaceKeepers Small Group Curriculum centers around four central themes that  are important for maintaing a strong Christian faith while on the job. These are important for maintaing a strong Christian faith while on the job. 

     These themes are: stress,money,family and discovering your purpose for leading a Christ centered life.

     The Purpose - To help individual law enforcement officers worldwide understand God's purpose for their lives.

      The Study - 17 week local small group study

     The Goal - To develop and lead law enforcement officers around the world to be more .Christ like. followers through a personal understanding of the Bible and how it relates to their careers. Thus, making a differencein the personal lives of themselves, their family, their co-workers, and in the citizens that they are paid to protect and serve.

      Consider joining our Mountain Meadows PeaceKeeper Bible study call or email us for current times and location of our current study.

     I encourage you to stop by Mountain Meadows Christian Center Office at 59 Harmony Road, Mineville N.Y. for a cup of coffee and a time of fellowship, while at the office we encourage you to pick up a Firefighter for Christ  bible and other Christian Public Safety material's we have available.

      24 Hour Chaplain Crisis Response Line



      May God be with you on the Streets

Pastor Marty


 Essex County Route   Tracy Road Mineville N.Y.

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