Women's  Ministries/Pro-Life

Hello Everyone

         My name is Pastor Debbie; I'm the coordinator of the Pro-life outreaches and womens  ministries. at Mountain Meadows         Christian Center .

     Has God called you to be part of the pro-life outreach to serve we would be honored to have you join us at our pro-life outreach give us a call and we will plug you in at Mountain Meadows. 


Please stop by the Mountain Meadows Pro-Life Educational resource page for more pro-Life information,and videos ,updates or go to our photo albums to view Elena's "first  photo album". Please come by again as we will have more ministry news for you weekly as we post udpates, Also check our calender of events. or call me at 518-949-8758.

May God Bless You



".....Those of us born before Roe v Wade forget that every child born since 1973 knows that he or she could have been exterminated in his mother's womb with society's blessing. In other words, every American child knows that society considered him or her completely expendable. Anyone who believes that this does not cast life in a different light is, in my opinion, denying reality......"

U.S. Representative J.C. Watts, Jr.